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Understanding Property Foreclosures: Types of Foreclosures & its Process

A foreclosure is a legal process through which a lender takes control of a property and evicts the homeowner, who is unable to pay the lender back. The property/ home is sold to recover the losses caused by the homeowner as per the stipulations in the mortgage contract. The process begins when a homeowner does not make a mortgage payment. Under normal circumstances, one can miss four mortgage payments before the foreclosure process begins, but this also depends on a number of other factors, such as the lender’s particular policies and the housing market. The defaulting homeowner is first notified by the lender. Depending on which state one is in, the homeowner may get a grace period of three to six months to resolve the payment issue. In case the homeowner is unable to start the payments, the lender can begin to foreclose on the house. In situations such as these, the homeowner has a few options to save their property from foreclosure, using a ‘Foreclosure Defense’. This can help to stall or stop this process altogether. Without a doubt, the best way to go about Foreclosure Defense is by seeking the help of a good foreclosure defense lawyer in Florida, or whichever state you are in. Before we begin to understand the foreclosure defense options, it’s very important to understand what the foreclosure process looks like, and that’s what we’ll discuss further in this article.