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Uncovering the Process of Civil Litigation

What is civil litigation?

Most times, we are faced with terminology that sounds complicated and downright scary—especially any term that includes the word, “litigation.” Civil litigation simply means that the plaintiff wants compensation and/or other damages from the defendant(s) and no criminal charges and penalties have been filed. The standard of proof in these cases is a lot less stringent than criminal cases. To win a civil litigation, each side presents their evidence, and whosesoever has the most convincing evidence gets a judgement in their favor.

Employment Law Advice That Could Help Your Business

COVID-19 has brought about many first time entrepreneurs—many people who quit, or were let go of, due to the pandemic. While some started solo companies and sold products online, others are reaching points of success where they may soon need an office and employees as support staff. Prior to reaching the latter stage, employers should educate themselves a bit about employment law, and tried and true workplace policies. Employers should also make sure that someone in the office is keeping good records of incident complaints, in the event that an HR department is not in place, so that the business owner is never on the wrong side of the law and an employee’s welfare is never put at risk.