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3 Truly Weird Legal Cases

It is safe to say that human beings get themselves into all sorts of trouble.  From faking their own death to committing crimes with their twins to throw off police, nothing should surprise us anymore. Let’s take a look at three of the strangest recent legal cases.

Pseudocide in Alaska

A man from Alaska was recently convicted for sexually assaulting a woman who was incapacitated.  He went on to receive a 15-year sentence to be served in state prison.  He posted bail and subsequently went home with his girlfriend.  This man did not intend to go to prison.  He and his girlfriend came up with a plan to fake his death (pseudocide).  Currently, in Alaska, it is not illegal to fake your own death.  One day this man, a commercial fisherman by trade, got on a boat and did not return to harbor on that boat.  His girlfriend reported him missing.  The plan was for him to take a different boat to harbor and hide in a house close to his girlfriend’s.  His girlfriend could not stomach the tears of the man’s grieving parents so she told them he was still alive.  The police were notified and the man is now in prison.

The Sex Offenders of Grovetown, Georgia

Every year, before Halloween, you see article after article about how to keep your kids safe.  Well, the Mayor of Grovetown, Georgia took the issue to heart.  In Georgia, sex offenders are required to meet their parole officers whenever and wherever they are told to do so.  The Mayor teamed up with the local parole officer to hatch a plan.  The plan was to require all 25-30 of the town’s sex offenders to meet at City Hall from 6pm to 9pm on Halloween to “shield” kids from them.  It should be noted that, in 2009, a study concluded that there is no increase in the rate of sexual assaults on Halloween.

 The Identical Twin Jewelry Heist

The DNA of identical twins is…identical.  In 2009, a German jewelry store was robbed by three men.  Two of the men were identical twins.  They descended from the ceiling as if they were in Mission Impossible and made off with $6.8 million worth of jewelry.  It was very well-done, but one of the brothers left behind a drop of sweat on a latex glove.  Using DNA testing, the German police were able to identify the two brothers, but they were unable to say which one it was and they were unable to prove both brothers were at the crime scene.  In the end, the brothers went free.

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