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Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Seeking Reversal of Sentence

A once beloved comedian, Bill Cosby is apparently not loving prison.  As victims come out of the woodwork with claims ranging as far back as 2005, Cosby’s defense team is trying frantically to get the former star out of the joint.  His recent conviction is the result of one indiscretion out of what could be dozens.  Let’s review the claims against Cosby.

The Events That Landed Cosby in Prison

The case that landed Bill Cosby in prison goes back to January of 2004 and led to sentencing in 2018.  Here are the highlights from 2004 – 2005:

  • In January of 2005, Andrea Constand tells her mother that Bill Cosby assaulted her one year earlier. They contacted the police and Cosby stated that he and Andrea had consensual sex.
  • One month later, the Montgomery County district attorney declines to charge Cosby for lack of evidence.
  • In March of 2005, Andrea Constand sues Bill Cosby and 12 other women agree to testify to against him.
  • 6 months later, Cosby admits to giving young women quaaludes (a known date rape drug) and settles with Andrea for an undisclosed amount.

2014 – 2018

  • Comedian Hannibal Burress calls Cosby a rapist during a show in October of 2014 and the video becomes a catalyst for women to voice their accusations.
  • July 2015, the civil case is reopened at the behest of dozens of women.
  • December 30, 2015, police arrest Bill Cosby just in time to file charges within the 12-year statute of limitations.
  • June 17, 2017, Cosby’s case ends in a mistrial because of jury deadlock.

The Retrial

On April 9, 2018, Bill Cosby’s retrial commences.  During the trial, it is revealed that Andrea Constand received $3.38 million from Cosby and signed a non-disclosure agreement.  An additional 5 women were allowed to testify against Cosby.  Also, a new witness from Temple University (where Andrea Constand met Cosby) says Andrea told her she could “make money by falsely accusing a prominent person”.

Even Cosby’s new witness was not enough to prevent the jury from a guilty verdict.  On September 25, 2018, Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3 – 10 years in federal prison.  He was also denied bail while he pursues an appeal.

The Appeal for Reversal of Sentence

Cosby’s lawyers are arguing that there were flaws in the case that landed him in prison.  They claim:

  • The judge should not have labeled Cosby a “sexually violent predator” because it could lead to prejudice in the appeal case.
  • The judge improperly incorporated the testimony of other accusers.
  • A recording between Cosby and the mother of Andrea Constand from 2005 was not authentic.
  • Cosby’s blindness and age (81) should be enough to keep him out of prison.

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