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Can I Still Rent A Car If I File Bankruptcy?

Most of us know that if you file a bankruptcy case your credit will take a hit. But what is slightly less known is the list of things in your life that bankruptcy can touch. For instance, you might be surprised to learn that the auto insurance premium you pay depends on part on your credit rating. So if you have a bankruptcy on your credit you might get stuck with a higher insurance premium. The amount is typically not significantly higher than what you had been paying and most people don’t even feel the difference. But this eye opener begs the question “what else is affected by filing bankruptcy?”

You might wonder if your electricity will be cut off if you file a bankruptcy case, or if you will be blocked out of your eBay or Amazon account. You might also even wonder if you will be able to rent a hotel room or a car from a rental agency. The answer is yes, you can still rent those things and your bankruptcy case will not play a factor in the rental decision. Some bankruptcy basics for these types of everyday necessities include:

• You cannot be evicted from an apartment or rent house for filing bankruptcy.
• Your employer cannot fire you for filing a case.
• You cannot be turned down for a new job based solely on the fact that you have filed bankruptcy. There may be some exceptions to this rule, and if you have more questions about potential employment it is best to talk to an attorney before you go on an interview or accept a position.

There is no doubt that bankruptcy does have an impact on your life. But most people who come out of the other side of a case quickly learn that the “consequences” are minimal. If you need help getting back on track with your money, let us help. We will let you know what to expect when you file a bankruptcy case and give you the information you need to decide if this option is right for you. Call today to find out more.

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