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Can I Still Take A Summer Vacation If I File Bankruptcy?

Going on vacation is a good way to take a break, relieve stress, and relax. But traveling costs…a lot. If you are already short on cash now may not be the time to plan a trip, unless you have a plan to fix your finances. One plan might be to cut back on expenses for a while, so you can pay off credit cards and have that extra money each month. Another plan could be to refinance or modify your mortgage, so your house payment goes down and gives you the breathing room you need. But if your money struggles can’t be fixed with these options, you should consider filing for bankruptcy. If you do, you may wonder if your trip to visit family or to the beach should be put on hold.

It does seem to go against the grain to go on vacation if you have filed or are planning to file bankruptcy but there is nothing to say you are not allowed to take a break. Here is what you should know though, if these are your plans:

• If you file a Chapter 13 case you will have to submit a repayment plan that fits your budget. If you have large travel expenses in your plan, the Trustee may question you about your motives for filing bankruptcy.
• You are not allowed to incur an expense in anticipation of filing bankruptcy. What this means is that you are not allowed to charge up a lot of debt with the intent to never repay it, and instead file bankruptcy to avoid repayment. This can be a tough standard for a creditor to prove, but it is not worth taking the chance.
• If you do take a trip during or just before a bankruptcy case, try to avoid splashing it all over your social media. Social media posts have been used as evidence against people in other types of cases, like DUI or divorce matters, and it is not too far of a stretch to think those uses may extend to bankruptcy cases as well.

We know how important it is for you to continue living your life, even during a bankruptcy. In fact, one of the goals of bankruptcy is to get a fresh start so you no longer struggle. Call us to find out more, and learn some of the dos and don’ts of filing a bankruptcy case.

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