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Casey Kasem’s Family in Legal Battle Over Estate and Accusations of Murder

Casey Kasem was a legendary disc jockey and voice actor.  He brought us America’s Top 40 and the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo.  In June of 2014, he ultimately died from complications of Parkinson’s Disease, but the immediate cause of death was sepsis (a systemic infection of multiple organ systems) and his family is ruthlessly battling for his fortune because he did not have a will.

Jean Kasem’s Arguments

On June 15, 2014, Casey Kasem died with his wife and kids by his side.  Sounds like a fairy tale death, right?  Wrong.  Immediately after his passing, his wife and kids went to battle.  According to Jean Kasem (who is 20 years younger), Casey’s children were always against her.  She said they were against the marriage from the beginning. Jean Kasem also says:

  • The Kasem children treated her and Casey like a personal ATM machine.
  • She moved Casey to an assisted living center at 2:30am one night to hide from the kids because the kids wanted Casey dead.
  • The kids forced Jean to take Casey to the hospital where he ultimately died.
  • The kids ultimately murdered their father by forcing him to sign a document that gave them healthcare decision making rights and that those rights led to his death.

The Kasem Children’s Argument

The children of Casey Kasem would be the first to tell you there is no love lost between them and their step mom.  They claim:

  • Jean was only ever interested in money.
  • Her actions to control Casey toward the end of his life is proof that she was eager to get the money.
  • Casey once old them, “Don’t ever go up against Jean. You do not know what she is capable of.”
  • Jean’s reluctance to take Casey to the hospital led to his death and that she murdered him by inflicting elderly abuse upon a helpless dying man.


Casey Kasem did not have a will, but he did take out an insurance policy for each of his kids.  Each Kasem kid received a $2 million payout from Metlife.  However, they are suing their step mother for wrongful death and that case is ongoing.

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