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Consolidating Small Business Debt

If you have collected several business loans, it might do you some good to consider business debt consolidation. When you consolidate your business debt, you have the opportunity to streamline your debt repayment into one monthly payment at a potentially lower interest rate. Business debt consolidation is very beneficial as it makes debt repayment manageable and affordable. They are very beneficial, especially in situations where your business is at risk of bankruptcy. Do not fret if you have bad credit as you can get a business debt consolidation even with a bad credit score. Financial professionals even state that it is a good move. In this article, we will discuss small business debt consolidation in its entirety.

How small business debt consolidation works

It is the same principle that guides other types of debt consolidation that guides small business debt consolidation. The process involves you deciding which business debts you want to consolidate, applying for a new business loan, and then using said loan to pay off the old loans. Once this is done, you’ll now make payments to this new loan with the terms set by the lender.

However, you’ll need to do much more than that. For one, you need to find business debt consolidation loan options and lenders with favorable terms. Your credit profile is also very important as it will determine your chances to qualify for the loan. There are several factors you have to consider before you apply for a business consolidation loan and they include personal credit score, business credit score, business finances, and personal finances. You can get a business debt consolidation loan at the bank, small business administration, alternative lenders, and others.

Getting a business debt consolidation with a bad credit

There are a number of lenders that specialize in giving loans to borrowers with bad credit as they factor in your income, education, work history, and others. You can retire your debts faster when you take a business debt consolidation – which is why getting it is a good idea even with bad credit. Despite the fact that with a good credit score, you can qualify for debt consolidation loans with very low-interest rates, you can still get good interest rates with bad credit.

If you have bad credit, there are a few good places you can look at, and they include your local credit union, online lenders, your home equity, and others. It is very crucial that you watch out for bad lenders as they may out you in a much bigger mess than you are in. You should, however, monitor and improve your credit score to increase your options.

Benefits of a small business debt consolidation works

  • With a new business debt consolidation loan, you get a lower interest rate;
  • Your credit score might get a boost;
  • It is simpler to manage a consolidation loan payoff;
  • Collection calls reduce or stop altogether.


Wrapping Up

Business loan consolidation can be very beneficial for some (not all) people and businesses. It is important that you do your own research and choose a vendor with beneficial terms.  If you or your business are buried in debt, or you are stuck in a loan with terrible terms, you need help.  The attorneys at Dsouza and Strachan Legal Group have the skills and experience to help small businesses manage their debt.  Contact Dsouza and Strachan Legal Group today for a free consultation.

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