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Discrimination at work? Here’s what to do

A workplace should make you feel comfortable and safe rather than distressed. That’s the reason why most of the employees ask about work ambiance before getting hired. Having said that, employees often encounter situations where they feel discriminated against for their race, age, gender, etc.

If you have ever encountered such situations, then it’s your time to take specific steps. In this read, we will discuss some helpful tips to try in such a work environment.

 Keep Track of the Incidents

The foremost step you should take is to keep track of all the incident that signifies discrimination. You should monitor the relevant details that include time, date, place, etc.

Besides, you should also mention the people who were there when the incident occurred. Once done with the details, make sure to give a thorough description of what happened at the particular place.

 Confirm it Before Taking Actions

There can be situations where the other person did not mean it that way. In simple terms, it could be a misunderstanding. Or more like unconscious discrimination.

Mostly the reason does not have to do anything with the discriminative factors. It’s more of work-related concerns like lack of communication or management.

Thus, always have a one-on-one conversation with the individual to clarify the problems. They should know that you are ready to work with them on the same.

 Report it to the management

If you see no effects, regardless of the efforts, it is best to report the issues to the management. In workplaces, you are likely to encounter different kinds of individuals.

Having said that, there are some people who do not understand until you reach higher management. Once you do so, the administration is bound to investigate the behavior and take mandatory steps.

 Focus on Actions than Emotions

You cannot say that someone at your place does not like you. Instead, it has to be presented with facts and details. Your emotions and feelings are not adequate to prove the behavior.

Thus, make sure to monitor each of the actions precisely and take steps as per the same. It should be more on the factual side rather than the sentimental ones.

 See if it’s revenge.

Revenge is one of the common reasons why workers discriminate against each other. Maybe you have complained about someone to the management, and now they are taking revenge through their behavior.

You must have got warnings from the individual with claims that they will get you terminated. First, keep note that an employer is not authorized to terminate you on the basis of age, sex, color, etc. That’s because it is considered wrongful termination.

Thus, if you recall any such incident that can lead to revenge, then note it down with the other details. All this information is likely to help you get rid of the situation.

 Take Legal Actions

If you notice that nothing is working, then it’s best to take legal action. These situations usually occur when the employer is not taking adequate measures, despite your complaints.

Many times the employers become a part of the retaliation plan and do not respond. In both cases, you should hire a lawyer and take a step ahead to fight the discrimination. Get employment law advice to know what you can do next.

Besides, you can also reach the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the next steps.

 Do Not Tolerate

Discriminative behavior by any means is not appropriate. Thus, no matter what, you should not tolerate such actions.

Be it the office or any other place; you should defend yourself and be courageous. Staying quiet is never a good idea.

 To Wrap Up

These were some of the steps to follow when dealing with discrimination in the workspace. Make sure to comprehend if it’s conscious discrimination and make thorough notes of the same.

If their behavior remains unchanged, go to office management. However, if the administration takes no steps, do not hesitate to hire an attorney for further actions.

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