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Why A DIY Approach To A Mortgage Modification Is A Bad Idea

Never before in recent years have there been more sources for how to complete a do it yourself project. You can google nearly any task and find a variety of videos to watch, or a step by step guide on how to get a project done the way you want. The DIY approach can save money and time, but is not the best idea for all circumstances. For instance, if you need a haircut you can probably find a YouTube video that shows how to cut hair, but if you do it yourself the result will probably look far from the end result in the video. The same is true for things that require legal or financial knowledge, and enlisting the help of a professional is your best bet. It might cost you a little, but there is no reason to take chances with your money, and your financial security.

If you are thinking about getting your mortgage loan modified, here are some reasons why a do it yourself approach to mortgage modification is a bad idea:

• If you are experiencing financial difficulty, you are likely under a lot of pressure. When you fill out form to ask your lender to modify your mortgage you will also be asked to submit a laundry list of documents. This is a huge undertaking and it can be frustrating to learn your lender still requires more data. Unfortunately, this is a common response from lenders and many homeowners find themselves in a seemingly endless cycle of resubmitting documents. But when you allow a professional to take on these tasks for you, you save yourself a lot of time and frustration.
• Not all offers of loan modifications will result in a manageable payment. It can take a time or two and some artful negotiation to get to a final decision that fits within your budget. Rather than spend your time going back and forth on the terms, let a professional help.
• Your credit could be impacted by a modification, and many of the terms of the new loan could be hard to understand. When you let someone handle the process for you, you will get a clear explanation of the terms so you are clear on what will be expected of you going into the newly modified loan.

Allowing someone else to handle the important financial decisions in your life can be scary. But our years’ of experience and proven track record are reason enough to call our office for help.
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