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Do I Have To Repay My EBay Or Amazon Account I File Bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, you are required to list out every debt you owe. So if you have a past due account with EBay or Amazon, you have to state so on your bankruptcy. And, part of filing bankruptcy includes giving notice that you have filed to all of the creditors you have said you owe. This means EBay and/or Amazon will get notice that you have filed a bankruptcy case. Depending on the type of case you file, you may or may not have to pay back what is due on your EBay or Amazon account, as these are considered unsecured accounts.

That said, bankruptcy can have an impact on the following things as far as EBay is concerned:

• You may not be permitted to list items for sale any longer. EBay is not a public company, and so can decide who they allow to be a seller, and part of their decision may be based on their perception of your creditworthiness. Filing bankruptcy does go on your credit, and might be a factor EBay considers when allowing people to use the site as a seller.
• Any denial of your right to sell on EBay has to be based on factors that are not discriminatory though, so be sure to get a good explanation from them if your account is suspended after filing for bankruptcy.

Another way notice of your bankruptcy may have made its way to EBay, if you did not list them because you do not have a past due amount owed, is via PayPal. These two services are linked, and likely share information. But, chances are if your finances require bankruptcy your debts are more serious than simply owing EBay or even Amazon. Let us help you find a way out of debt, and give you the tools needed to stay on track. We can explain the different types of consumer bankruptcy to you, and let you know what you need to get a case started. For more information about how bankruptcy works, call our office today to talk with one of our knowledgeable legal professionals.

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