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What Documents Do I Need To File A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case does not last as long as a Chapter 13 case, and certainly does not require you to repay any portion of your unsecured debt. But just because a Chapter 7 case is a shorter way to get your debts discharged, that does not mean the preparation is any less involved. The same documents needed to prepare a Chapter 13 case are typically needed to prepare a Chapter 7 case. Knowing what to bring with you to an initial attorney meeting will make the process go smoother, and will give you more confidence that you will get a good result in your case.

The documents needed to have a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case prepared and filed are:

• Proof of income, which you can show by providing pay stubs.
• Income tax returns are also used to show income, and should be provided along with pay stubs.
• Documents showing home ownership will act as proof of what real estate is titled in your name, and is something the Trustee and your attorney will need to know.
• Car titles not only let the Court know what autos you have, but who the lender is and whether that lender took the proper steps to note their security interest in your car.

Gathering these documents can take a while, but when you put in the time to get them all ready and list out what you make vs. what you pay each month a clear picture is painted about your financial needs. And that is what is needed to determine what type of case you are able to file, along with giving you the proper advice about your case. When information is left out of a case it is hard to have it added later, and may even cause the Court to ask that your case not proceed. We know how hard it is to stay on top of overwhelming debt, and we can fix that for you when you give us the information needed. Our goal is to file a case for you that gives you the financial relief you need to start fresh.

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