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Fighting A Foreclosure

Your home is your most valuable asset. This is where you gather with family and friends and share many of life’s most important events. When faced with the possibility of losing your home you need to consider all of your options. A foreclosure takes away your home and your sense of a place to belong. We aggressively fight for your right to stay in your home and stop a foreclosure.

In Florida, foreclosures are termed judicial, which means a case gets filed in Court to foreclose your mortgage. Some popular ways to fight a foreclosure include:


● Challenging the lender’s right to initiate and maintain the foreclosure.

● Requesting a short sale of the property.

● Offering the lender a deed in lieu of the foreclosure.

When the case proceeds down the judicial path, you can file motions with the Court to have the case dismissed, and you can also issue written questions and requests for documentation from the lender (referred to as discovery). The lender is required to show they are the holder of the note, which is the document that gives them the right to foreclose. Absent proof of note ownership, the foreclosure should not be allowed to continue. The issue is complex and requires careful legal analysis. We can help make that analysis and offer guidance as to how it is best to proceed.

If you are being foreclosed on, call our office for help. We will review the facts of your unique circumstances and develop a strategy that fits the facts. We offer an individualized approach and work with you to reach satisfactory results. Call a Plantation, Florida debt relief attorney today for more information.



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