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Five Things To Budget For That Aren’t Monthly Bills

The key to making your paycheck last from payday to payday is to have a budget and make sure you only spend for expenses that are included in that budget. The most common expenses to put in a budget are your house and car payment, credit card bills, utilities, phone service, car insurance, groceries, and fuel costs. But there are also other expenses that come up from time to time that should also be included in your budget so you do not find yourself lacking funds.

Five things to put in your budget that aren’t monthly bills include:

  • Medical expenses such as office co-pays and prescriptions.
  • Homeowner’s association dues, which are typically due annually but if you save for them every month you won’t be hit with a large bill all at once.
  • Car repairs and maintenance, which includes new tires if you are getting close the mileage limit on the tires currently on your car. This is a big expense but if you put a little aside each month you will have the money on hand before you have a blowout and are stranded on the side of the road.
  • Home repairs, much like car repair needs it is a good idea to start a fund for home repairs each month. That way when your heat or air go out you won’t have to resort to using a credit card to get the situation fixed, and you also won’t have to spring for a hotel stay if the temperature in your home becomes too much to bear.
  • Vacations and special occasions. No one likes to be strapped for cash around the holidays or go on a “staycation” because there is no money for a trip. If you are able to save for these times of the year you will find yourself being able to enjoy your time off work rather than worry about how to pay the bills that pile up while you are away from home.

For help with budgets, or to free up your funds so you can come up with a budget that works call our office. Sometimes the answer is to seek the protection of bankruptcy in order to ease the tension in your budget and allow you to start fresh with your finances. Appointments are available today.

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