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Forced Into Bankruptcy Because of Prescription Costs

About 70% of Americans spend money on prescription drugs because they suffer from one illness or another. Depending on the kind of illness, prescription drugs are inevitable, and what’s worse is that most people can’t do without these drugs. The problem is, the cost of prescription drugs is very high, and many people can’t afford it, and they eventually fall into bankruptcy.  Some Americans spend about 75% of their earnings on prescription drugs, and sometimes even their insurance company can’t cover the entire cost. This issue of bankruptcy is eating deep into society, and the most affected are the retirees, low-income earners, and middle-class citizens.

Talk to your doctor and request generics

Your physician might not think about your finances when filling out your prescription; they only sign and hand over to you so, it’s in your best interest to discuss with your physician and, if possible, request generics. Generic drugs are just a cheaper version of your description drugs, and they still do the same work. The fact that they are cheap doesn’t mean the drugs are fake. They are original, and FDA approved. The only problem is the generic drugs are not always available, but it is wise to let your doctor know that the cost of the prescription is quite crucial to you. And if it’s too high for you, ask for generics.  Then if your prescribed drugs don’t have a generic, ask your physician for lower-priced medicine.

Know your insurance

If you have been insured either by an employee or personally, it is always better to ask questions and know more about your insurance plan. Many people mistakenly believe their insurance covers every medical expense, and when it doesn’t, they feel cheated. The truth is, your insurance package might not include all types of prescription drugs, so get to know your insurance.

Do research

Once your physician has given you your prescription, don’t go to one pharmacy and buy them on whatever price that you have been given, do research on another pharmacy that is around you. It will surprise you to know that their prices differ, and if you are able to visit more than two or three pharmacies, you will find one with cheaper prices. Sometimes you can talk to your pharmacist about the cost of the prescription and how they can either lower the price for you or look for a cheaper drug for you.

Patient assistance programs

There are lots of patient assistance programs out there that offer free drugs to people who need them. Look for one around your area and ask for help. There’s nothing to be shy about. The best part is, some pharmacies also run the program so you can check their site to see the names of the free drugs they offer.

To Wrap It Up

Many Americans are being forced into bankruptcy because of the cost of their prescriptions. But you can save yourself from bankruptcy by communicating with your physician and letting them know how you feel about the cost of your prescription.  They might be able to help you. 

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