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Getting a Degree Abroad to Reduce Student Loan Debt

Life can be a tad difficult for students who just graduated high school with a dream to study at some of the best Universities in the United States. Not difficult in the sense that they can’t make it but more like expensive because even though they do get accepted into those colleges, the cost of education for the four years could be literally back-breaking. Studies have shown over the years that a growing number of students are moving to international schools to get their degrees rather than doing it in their home country because of the price difference.

Look at it this way, it gives them the opportunity to be educated just like their colleagues in the US colleges only at a much more subsidized rate. Of course, there are a lot of things to consider when opting to study abroad and you really do not have to jump on a plane just at the sight of the cheap tuition fees. The course of study, basic living expenses, and an overall change in the culture are things you should deeply ponder and research about. In this article, we will discuss these and more.

Course of Study

It has been shown that people who go to schools abroad to become dentists, medical doctors, or even lawyers have a whole lot in store for them when they return to US. Granted that the cost of education in US universities for these courses are high but getting these degrees abroad and hoping to practice in the US will make you susceptible to all the rigors, additional trainings and exams you would have to write just to get you licensed to practice in the United States. It could run into tens of thousands of dollars and could take an additional 2 to 3 years from you. Frankly, this may not be worth the effort. You should be well- informed before deciding to study these courses abroad especially if you hope to return to practice in the US.

Living Expenses

While some schools abroad operate tuition free for international students, this may just be a ruse to attract these students. You should really research on the cost of living and the overall expenses you would need to get by daily. One thing to understand is that the tuition may be free but you may not be allowed to work and cover your living expenses.


While it is most student’s dream to explore the world, it is pertinent to note that what you see as the pop culture of a particular people in the media and on TV may not necessarily be applicable to remote areas. So, what you may have read about the French in books and watched in movies my not be entirely applicable in a remote city in France. Sometimes you need to put in the extra effort to know where you are going.

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