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How To Have A Good Bankruptcy Case

If your finances are to the point where you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you will want to be sure that your case goes smoothly. Having financial difficulty is hard, there is no reason to make it harder by filing a bankruptcy case that doesn’t get you the results you need. In order to make sure you get out of your case what you are hoping for, you can take part in the process and do some things to ensure your case’s success.

Here are some things you can do to help have a good bankruptcy case:

• Give all of your debt and asset information to your attorney before your case is filed. If you have more debt than you can keep track of, one way to be certain you don’t overlook a creditor is to get a free copy of your credit report before you file your case.
• Show up to your 341 meeting a little bit early, so you can familiarize yourself with the setting and get comfortable. This is also a good time to ask your attorney any last minute questions you have, in order to calm any anxiety you may be experiencing.
• Organize your documents by category, so all of your income is readily at hand as is a list of all your debts.

Whether you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, your involvement in your case is key. A Chapter 7 will allow you to eliminate all of your unsecured debts, so you will want to take special care to list all of your unsecured creditors in your case. In a Chapter 13, you get to pay back the value of some of your debts and only a portion of your unsecured obligations. To have a successful Chapter 13 case you need to stay on track with your budget and make your plan payments to the Trustee on time. If you miss a payment, the Trustee might ask the Court to dismiss your case. In either type of case, you are able to get the financial relief you need. But in order to do so, you need to be prepared and organized. We will help you get a handle on what comes next, after you case is filed, so you know what to do during your case. Our success is tied to yours, so we go the extra mile to help you reach your financial goals.

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