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How Creditors Are Given Notice Of Your Bankruptcy Case

When you have overwhelming debt and are receiving calls from creditors, it can be difficult to know where to turn and how to stop the calls. Bankruptcy is a very real option for many people, and the moment you file your creditors are prohibited from contacting you in an effort to collect their debt. If this seems too good to be true, it might be because it seems like a burdensome task to notify countless credit card and loan companies that you have filed. The logistics of getting notice out to all of those that you owe money to seems like a lot of hard work, but bankruptcy is designed to help the honest but unfortunate debtor. So, when you file and when events take place in your case, your creditors get automatic notice.

As you prepare to visit with a bankruptcy attorney, you will need to gather your debts and income. For your income you can bring copies of your pay stubs and tax returns. For your debts, you will need to list out everyone you owe, the amount, and their address. When you file your case, the list of creditors you owe money to is uploaded to your electronic file. Notice of your case is then sent to everyone on your list of creditors. Other things that your creditors are notified of include:

  • The date of your first meeting, so your lenders will have the opportunity to come to that meeting and ask questions regarding your intent for their debt.
  • Notices of all the activity in your case, including when the discharge is entered.

Giving notice of your filing will put your creditors on notice that you have filed, and they will then know that they cannot collect the debt. Notice of your discharge will give creditors notice that their debt is no longer considered due. Any action taken to collect the debt during the case or after the discharge is a violation of bankruptcy law. For more information about the bankruptcy process and how your lenders will know that you have filed, call our office today.


If you have questions about bankruptcy, let an experienced attorney help you. Call a Plantation, Florida debt relief attorney today for more information.



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