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How To Identify Where You Can Cut Expenses

Lowering your monthly bills can be difficult. But, if you are successfully able to cut back on expenses, you can end up with a small nest egg after a shorter time period than you think. The trouble is finding those areas where you can exclude something from your budget. Common areas of shaving a few dollars here and there are the morning coffee stop, and expensive lunches outside the office.

Other places you can save money include:

● Leave your car in the garage more often. Walk or bike to work if possible, and if that is not an option, check into the local bus schedule. For people where public transportation isn’t available, consider carpooling with your spouse or a co-worker.

● Check into the rates for a mortgage refinance. In most cases you can skip a month’s payment, and you will also enjoy a lower payment thereafter. The money you save in interest can be used to build your savings, or to make extra payments and decrease the term of your loan.

● Transfer balances from high rate loans to lower rate credit cards or loans.

● Have a garage sale, or check into selling unused items online.

● Call your credit card company and ask for a lower interest rate. If you have been a loyal and paying customer, the company may honor your request.

● Cut back on utility expenses by installing a programmable thermostat, and bumping up your air temp just a few degrees. The smallest change in temperature can mean big savings.

● Shop around for auto and home insurance.

● Cut back on the number of times your family eats out per month, and instead stay home for a family movie night. This reduces your entertainment expenses as well as how much you spend at restaurants.

Just a few changes can make a difference you never imagined. And, after a while the changes become habit and you may soon realize you don’t miss the things you’ve eliminated. For more help with budgeting and finding areas where you can cut back, call a trained legal professional.

If you need help with your finances, call our office. We can offer solutions, legal and practical, that meet your needs. Call a Plantation, Florida debt relief attorney today for more information.


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