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How To Remove A Lien In Bankruptcy

There are a few types of liens in the law; those that you agree to have placed on your property and those that are the result of a judicial action. A good example of a lien you agree to would be the lien your auto lender has on your car until the loan is paid in full. An example of a lien that exists as a result of a legal proceeding is referred to as a judgment lien and is not one that the consumer has agreed to having placed on their property. These types of liens come about when a creditor files a lawsuit and obtains a judgment that is later reduced to a judgment lien. These liens can impair your property and if you file for bankruptcy you can take action to have these liens removed.

When you claim property as exempt (such as your home) from a creditor’s reach in bankruptcy, you can also seek to have any lien other than the mortgage lien removed. This is because a lien other than the mortgage lien impairs your ability to claim the exemption to which you are allowed. The way to avoid a lien in bankruptcy is as follows:

● File a motion in your bankruptcy case for a judicial determination that the lien is no good (avoided).

● You must show that the lien is detrimental to your exempt property. You can do this by showing that the lien makes it difficult to refinance or sell the property.

Bankruptcy is designed to put you back on your financial feet. When your property is encumbered by liens it is hard to get the fresh start you deserve. For more information on how to avoid a lien in bankruptcy, call our office.

Call a Plantation, Florida debt relief attorney today for more information on how to avoid a lien. We help you understand the process and work towards results that make sense. Schedule an appointment to learn your options.

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