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Scams Surfacing During COVID-19 Pandemic

A lot of scammers are using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to steal the money of unsuspecting victims. Senior citizens are the most vulnerable to financial scams and scams in general.  According to reports, Medicare scams have increased as a result of the pandemic. Since most people over 60 years old are not interacting with their service providers, friends, or neighbors, they can be swindled with scams that seem legitimate. For people who are ill, using trusted delivery services for food and supplies is the best way to go because these scammers pose as good Samaritans and they run off with your money. In this article, we will take a look at some of the other scams that have surfaced during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Scams providing COVID-19 vaccines or test kits

There has been an increase in the number of scams related to COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, cures, test kits, and air filters to remove the virus from your home. It is essential to note that there is no cure or vaccine available for this virus at the time. So if you receive any phone calls, text messages, or emails with these claims, it is a scam.

Impersonation scams

These scammers use coronavirus as the opportunity to pose as a relative or friend claiming to be stranded or ill in a bid for you to send money. They will go as far as to beg you to keep it a secret and to send it as cash by mail or through gift cards. Ensure that it is a real person that contacted you before you send money. You can verify the story from other people before you fall for this scam.  Or completely avoid these types of scams.

Fake charity scams

This is when scammers pose as a real charity or make up a fake charity to get money from you. You should be wary of charities calling you for donations. Before you make any donations, visit the organization’s website to ensure its legitimacy. You should also be careful of calls asking you to follow up on donation pledges you did not make, it is most likely a scam.

Scams targeting social security welfare

The Social Security Administration will not decrease or suspend benefits payments or security payments even when the local SSA offices are closed due to the coronavirus. Scammers are using the opportunity that the offices are closed to deceive people into believing they need to offer their personal information or pay money to maintain their benefit payments this period. If you get any call or email saying that the SSA will suspend your payments because of COVID-19 is a scam. You can report these scams to the official SSA website.

Wrapping It Up

Do not entertain anyone contacting you via mail, text messages or phone calls asking you for your Social Security number, Medicare ID, credit card information, driver’s license, or bank account number. It is essential to be aware of these possible scams so you can take steps towards not falling prey to them.

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