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Stars Who Got “Real Jobs” After Financial Hardship

The life of a celebrity looks appealing, mostly because they seem not to have as many day to day worries as the rest of us. Most importantly, the stars always seem to have enough money to live on, and most times, they live in lavish home and take luxurious vacations. However, not everyone who has ever been on TV, in a movie, or had a pop song top the charts gets to stay on top of their game. When a celebrity is no longer in demand, their money starts to dwindle just like yours, and many stars have had to find other types of work in order to keep the dollars rolling in.

Here are just a few stars who got “real jobs” after the big paychecks stopped:

• Frankie Muniz: he was Malcolm in the Middle during his youth, but when the popular television show came to an end Muniz took up race car driving.
• Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus Eight fame started waiting tables in order to make ends meet when his “fifteen minutes of fame” ended.
• Brittany Ashton Holmes was the age of a typical kindergarten student when she “made it big” in the Little Rascals, but she went on to college and took a job not unpopular with most college kids, working at Starbucks. No word yet on whether Holmes approved of the Unicorn Frappuccino.
• Chris Owen, who had a somewhat starring role in American Pie was not able to cash in on his character’s success in those movies and had to resort to being a sushi waiter to make money.
• Josh Saviano who starred alongside Neil Patrick Harris on the Wonder Years was long rumored to be shock rocker Marilyn Manson but the truth is Saviano turned in his script for legal books and became a lawyer.

Some of these jobs are not typical “real jobs”, but are a far cry from the world of lap and luxury most celebrities enjoy. It just goes to show you that whatever your job, money is something everyone needs to survive. If your money is tight, you do have options. Call us to find out more.

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