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What A Superstar Does After Filing For Bankruptcy

Experiencing financial set-backs is not something that happens only to everyday people. No one is immune from falling prey to unsuccessful financial decisions, and when money missteps are made it can be comforting to know that there is help. This is true whether you are an executive, an hourly wage earner, or a superstar celebrity. Most times help comes in the form of some sort of financial restructuring. That restructuring can be through artful negotiation with your lenders for more favorable repayment terms, a mortgage modification or refinance, or even filing for the protection offered by bankruptcy. For those that go through the bankruptcy process, the future is bright and it does not take long to start putting their life back together. What that post bankruptcy life looks like is different for everyone, but in most all cases it includes avoiding falling back into significant debt. One of the requirements of bankruptcy is to undergo debtor education, so those that file a case can learn from past experiences and put new money approaches into play after their case is completed.

For the average bankruptcy filer, typical steps taken after finishing a bankruptcy are to avoid opening new lines of credit or credit cards, and establishing a savings and/or emergency account. But if you are one of the many celebrities that have filed bankruptcy, here are some of the things that happen after a bankruptcy case:

• Use their star power to start a new business, or take part in lesser known projects like home repair or other celebrity television shows.
• Accept roles that would not normally be a consideration, to get back to work in a familiar field.
• Turn to employment outside of the entertainment industry.

Most times people do not have to drastically change their life after filing for bankruptcy, and are able to go back to their normal job and job duties. This might be one time where it pays off not to be rich and famous, because the changes are not as significant. If you are having a hard time paying your bills, call us to find out if bankruptcy is the answer you need.

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