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Why Do Celebrities File Bankruptcy?

Most of us tend to think that the only people who have money problems are those of us with lower paying jobs. But the truth is people from all walks of life experience financial pitfalls, and need help getting back on track from time to time. It might be that

Do I Get To Pick, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?

Most people know that there are certain “chapters” of bankruptcy, but are less clear on what that means. The idea is actually pretty basic, the chapters refer to the actual chapter of the bankruptcy law. So a Chapter 7 case is simply one that follows the rules of chapter 7

What To Do About Bankruptcy Discrimination

If you are considering bankruptcy you might also be wondering if you will lose your job, or be kicked out of your rent home for filing a case. With many potential employers performing background and credit check upon hire, and landlords doing the same, it is only natural to wonder