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Three Ways To Avoid A Delinquency

Having a loan go into delinquent status can have serious consequences. At first you may just receive a few annoying phone calls from the lender, but if the issue is not quickly addressed it will not be long before the account is turned over to a collection agency for action.

Two Ways To Stop A Wage Garnishment

It can be a shock every other week to receive your paycheck and see just how much was held out for taxes, insurance, and other benefits. The amount of money you actually take home is much different than the amount of money you are told is your salary, but it

Can I Reopen My Bankruptcy Case After It Is Over?

Most times when a legal proceeding is over, the only way to have it reviewed again is to file an appeal. But, bankruptcy court is different. The rules and procedures that apply in bankruptcy court are special and unique, and can be hard to understand. But, knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys are

The Top Ten Reasons To File Bankruptcy

People file bankruptcy for many different reasons. In most instances, the factors that led to the need to seek the protection of the bankruptcy court are similar, but the reasons people file for bankruptcy are very different. For example, a common cause of the need to file is loss of

Five Ways Filing Bankruptcy Makes You Smarter

Anytime you want to increase the amount of knowledge you have on any particular subject, there are ways to reach that goal. You can enroll in courses, pick up a book at the book store, perform an internet search, or actively participate in programs designed to provide information on your

The Three Best Reasons To File For Bankruptcy

People file for bankruptcy for personal, and different reasons. Ever case is unique, and your needs are not the same as your neighbor’s needs. That said, there are some common causes of bankruptcy, and if you are unable to meet your monthly obligations as they become due, you should consider