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How HAMP Can Help Save Your Home?

A few years back the number of foreclosures in the country reach such outrageous heights that the federal government stepped in and developed programs to help homeowners who were underwater on their mortgages. The Making Homes Affordable Act (HAMP)  was put in place to provide consumers with relief from height

Will I Get A Jury Trial In Bankruptcy Court?

The idea of having a jury resolve the issues that impact your daily life can be scary. Juries are supposed to be comprised of your “peers”, but many times those that actually end up sitting on a jury are not at all similar to you or have not had similar

A Top Five List Of Bankruptcy Myths

Urban legends may make for good storytelling or screenplays, but in real life it is helpful to know fact from fiction. When you can see through an urban legend as nothing more than a myth, you will be able to make decisions that are sound. One of the toughest areas

Can A Creditor Sue Me In Bankruptcy Court?

Most people who seek the protection of bankruptcy are doing so to avoid harmful collection or foreclosure lawsuits, and to stop the creditors from making harassing collection calls. Bankruptcy does offer this refuge, and it is one of the main benefits of filing a case. However, there are instances where

Life After Bankruptcy: What To Expect

Not so long ago it seemed like filing for bankruptcy was the end of the world. The social stigma associated with going bankrupt kept many people that needed the benefits the bankruptcy laws have to offer from filing a case. Debtors were also afraid to file because they felt like