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How To “Qualify” For Bankruptcy

Money matters and how well the economy is doing always seem to be a hot topic for politicians and congressmen. The number of bankruptcy filings and the amount of debt being eliminated continues to grow on a daily basis, and this leaves lenders looking for other options or ways to

What Is The Means Test And How Does It Work?

There are two types of bankruptcy available to consumer debtors. You can file a bankruptcy under Chapter 13 and doing so will work to reorganize your debt into a plan of repayment. This plan will include repayment of your secured debt such as your home loan, and also require you

Do I Make Too Much Money For Bankruptcy?

It seems odd to think that there is such a thing as making too much money, and especially too much money to file for bankruptcy because at least once or twice most people have heard or been told that bankruptcy is available for nearly everyone. While this is generally a