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Why You May Want to Refinance Your Student Loans

Student loans have become a hot topic in the United States of late.  Many feel overwhelmed by the term and size of their loan(s).  Some are trapped in sky-high interest rates and they believe this is permanent.  Unfortunately, in some cases, this is true, but in a lot of cases, student loans can be refinanced.  There may not be a better time to explore this option than right now.

Why Aren’t My Student Loans Eligible For Bankruptcy?

Student loan debt is one of the largest growing debts in America. Most students come out of college and/or graduate school with insurmountable amounts of debt. Unfortunately it is necessary for most students to rely on student loans to pay tuition and cover other expenses related to their education, but

Are Student Loans Eligible For Bankruptcy?

The number of students who graduate college with debt is too great to even mention. The amount of student loan debt is astronomical and graduates are having a hard time finding jobs that pay them enough to repay their student loans. This problem is one that does not have very

How To Handle Student Loan Debt In Bankruptcy

One of the largest growing areas of debt in the United States is student loan debt. Most kids get out of college with at least $20,000.00 in debt. Carrying this type of debt load when entering the work force makes it hard to repay what is owed, especially with starting