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Three Good Reasons Why Filing Bankruptcy Pro Se Is A Bad Idea

Filing bankruptcy is a complex matter. The laws require you to perform a complicated mathematical computation in order to determine which type of bankruptcy you qualify for, and a misstep in the math can cause the bankruptcy trustee to question your entire filing. An investigation by the trustee can result in your case being dismissed, which means your creditors will still be able to collect what is due. One good way to avoid this harsh result is to partner with a qualified bankruptcy attorney. A qualified attorney will know how to perform the required calculations, and will make sure your paperwork is filed properly. Of course you have the option of filing without an attorney, but doing so can spell disaster.

Three good reasons why filing bankruptcy pro se, which means without an attorney representing your interests, is a bad idea include:

  • Even though the law permits you to represent yourself, the rules are that when you do so you are held to the same standard as a lawyer. This means you will be expected to know all of the rules of procedure, and the Court will not offer you advice if you have a question.
  • Many lenders hire in house or outside counsel to take action when a bankruptcy is filed. A lack of familiarity with these attorneys could cause you to lose out on valuable benefits simply because you are unaware of your rights.
  • Important deadlines arise in every bankruptcy case, if you are unable to take time off work to show up for Court you stand the chance of having detrimental orders entered against simply because you were not able to appear. But, if you put your case in the hands of a capable attorney, you will not be required to show up for every minor hearing that is scheduled. You will still have to come to court now and then, but the frequency is less when an attorney is representing you.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and have questions, call our office. We will explain your options and make sure the decisions you make are ones that make sense for you.

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