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Three Things To Look For In A Bankruptcy Attorney

Being unable to pay your bills is a stressful situation, and one that nearly everyone you know has an opinion about. If you were to ask your family or a trusted friend for their advice on how to get out of debt it is likely you would end up with several well intentioned pieces of information, but be more lost than when you first broached the subject. In order to make certain the method you choose is the best one for your circumstances, it makes the most sense to enlist the help of a qualified bankruptcy and debt management attorney.

Three things to look for when searching for a bankruptcy attorney are:

  • Does he or she know the difference between a chapter 7 and a chapter 13 case? A chapter 7 is generally shorter, and offers benefits a chapter 13 case does not offer. But, not everyone is qualified to file a chapter 7 and it is important to make sure you file the right way. If you do not file with the proper information, under the correct chapter, the United States Trustee may question your entire case. Avoiding the eye of the U.S. Trustee will help move your case along at a quicker pace, which means your case will complete faster and with little fanfare.
  • Whether the attorney you are considering has recent experience filing bankruptcy. The law changed in 2005, and while that is a decade ago, there are always changes to local practices being implemented. It is important to go with an attorney that is aware of the latest trends and rules, so you do not have any deficiencies in your case.
  • Your attorney should be responsive, not just to you but also to your creditors. One of the benefits of turning your case over to a qualified attorney is to allow your creditors to contact the attorney rather than to contact you.

The choice is personal, and should only be made after careful thought. Our approach is to take each case on an individual basis, and give it the attention it requires. Call us today to find out more about bankruptcy, what is needed to prepare to file a case, what to expect during your case, and to learn how we can help you.


For help with bankruptcy issues, contact us at We can help you regardless of your age or financial position. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our debt management legal professionals.

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