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Three Tips That Help You Prepare For Filing Bankruptcy

The act of filing for bankruptcy is done by a person qualified to do so, but the person seeking relief plays a large role in getting the case ready for the Court to accept. It can be a paper intensive process, and being organized puts you a step ahead of most. In order to help you prepare for filing for bankruptcy, there are some things you should do before visiting with an attorney. If you are unable to locate some of the documents indicated below, this does not mean you should not sit down with a qualified attorney for help. Every case is different, which means every person will have different papers that show their financial picture. The best way to proceed is to gather what you have, talk it over with a competent attorney, and take steps thereafter that will help you get ready to file for bankruptcy.

Three tips that help you prepare for filing bankruptcy are:

  • Have copies of your financial documents ready, such as your last 6 months’ worth of paystubs and copies of the last few years of your tax returns.
  • Have copies of all of your bills, or at least a list of what you pay every month including the amount and to whom you make the payment. For things you pay every 6 months or on any different time table, like car insurance or homeowner’s dues, calculate out the per month cost.
  • Come up with a budget, even if it is not one you are currently using. Having an idea of what you need each month to make ends meet and what you actually bring in each month will show you where you can make changes to meet your goals.

Part of the bankruptcy process is that those who file go through a financial education course. If you have gathered your personal financial information before meeting with an attorney, this course will not be difficult for you. Most times the course can be taken on line, but having a good grasp of some basic financial concepts will make even the online course less cumbersome. Getting your financial ducks in a row will help in this regard. Once you have your paperwork in hand, you will be ready to have a meaningful conversation about what works best for you. We can help, and look forward to partnering with you as you work towards your financial goals. Call us today for more information.


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