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Three Ways To Stop Collection Calls


Owing money that you can’t pay is no fun; it can cause you sleepless nights and be a constant source of stress when you begin receiving collection calls and letters. Unfortunately, even with caller ID, it can be hard to know when a call is from a collector. More and more frequently collectors are becoming tricky with how and when they place calls, making simply avoiding the phone a non-existent option.  But, there are ways to stop the calls, and give you the time and space you need to figure out how to best manage your debt load.
Three ways to stop collection calls include doing the following:

  • Send a cease and desist letter to the creditor. This will stop the calls and letters from coming, but will not stop the possibility of a lawsuit being filed against you.
  • Dispute the validity of the debt, and request a pay history as well as identification of the original creditor if it is a different entity than the one calling you.
  • File for the protection of bankruptcy.

While issuing a cease and desist, or disputing the debt are good tactics, they offer only temporary relief. However, with bankruptcy, you are afforded the benefits of the automatic stay. The automatic stay prohibits a creditor from taking the following actions:

  • Calling you, in an attempt to collect a debt.
  • Garnishing your wages.
  • Sending threatening collection letters.
  • Filing or maintaining a collection, repossession, or foreclosure lawsuit against you.

And the best part is that the automatic stay goes into effect the moment you file for bankruptcy. What this means is that the minute your case is filed, your creditors can no longer contact you. Of course you may have to field a call or two if you receive one within the first couple of minutes after your case is filed, but providing your case number will put an end to the call on the spot, and will also prevent future calls from being made. If you are unable to meet your monthly obligations as they become due, take your future into your own hands by speaking with a knowledgeable bankruptcy and debt management attorney today. We will help you develop a strategy that fits your budget, and meets your needs.


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