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Tips For Keeping Your Finances Safe From Identify Theft

Identify theft is a huge problem, and security breaches on many of your electronic devices are becoming more common each day. In order to keep yourself safe, electronically speaking, you have to set up firewalls, install certain software, and make sure your passwords are not easily guessed. The problem with doing all of this is that it can be confusing, expensive, and with the complexity required for most passwords you may wind up forgetting how to log in to your devices. But the effort is worth it if it if keeps your identify safe, especially since part of your cyber footprint includes your finances.

Some helpful tips for keeping your finances safe from identify theft include:

• Make sure when you transact business online you are on a secure site. You can tell if a site is secure by taking a look at the address; if it starts off with https:// then it is a secure site. The “s” stands for secure, and is a safeguard many financial institutions and other online service providers have put in place as part of their efforts to help keep their customers safe online.
• Avoid writing down your passwords, or store them in a secure location.
• Passcode protect your cell phone, so if it gets lost it cannot be browsed for personal information.
• Always log out of your banking app, and never store the password in your phone. Doing so opens the door to identify thieves because a misplaced phone can be opened and your banking information revealed.
• Never use a public computer for banking, or at the very least do not check the box that asks if you want your login and password to be remembered on a public computer. If you do utilize a public computer for conducting personal business, be sure to log out of all websites, clear the search history, and close the browser when you are finished.

Identify theft can take a lot of work to unwind. If you have been the victim of identity theft or know someone who has, you are probably all too familiar with the headache of closing banking accounts, getting new debt and/or credit cards, or disputing charges that have been made. All of these activities take time, and not all of us have our days free to run from bank to bank or to make calls to cardholders to report the theft.

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