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Two Ways To Stop A Wage Garnishment

It can be a shock every other week to receive your paycheck and see just how much was held out for taxes, insurance, and other benefits. The amount of money you actually take home is much different than the amount of money you are told is your salary, but it is the take home figure that matters. So, why not do everything you can to make sure the amount that goes in your pocket is as large as possible? There are some things you can do to minimize the bite you feel from the deductions taken out of your paycheck, including adjusting your withholding information. This is something that should be done with the help of a skilled tax professional, in order to avoid running into a tax problem when April 15th rolls around.

Another area where money can be held out of your check is if you are being garnished. This happens when you owe a lender, and they have taken the necessary legal action to allow them to garnish your wages. Unlike the situation where you need the assistance of a qualified tax advisor, stopping a wage garnishment is within your control. Two ways to put an end to your wages being garnished include:

  • Calling the creditor, or the creditor’s representative, and making an agreement for voluntary payments in lieu of the garnishment.
  • Seeking the Court’s intervention, either by demonstrating the garnishment works a significant hardship on you and your dependents such that you are exempt from being garnished altogether, or that the amount being held out should be drastically reduced.

Yet another way to stop a wage garnishment is to file for the protection of bankruptcy. When a bankruptcy is filed, the automatic stay is immediately put in place. The stay is the Court’s way of automatically stopping your creditors from contacting you to collect a debt, and this includes any wage garnishment that is in place. If you are uncertain as to which method of stopping a garnishment is best for you, call us. We can help you by looking at the particular facts of your case, and telling you what options are available.


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