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What Is A Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure?

When in the middle of a foreclosure, and after having exhausted all efforts to save your home has proven unsuccessful, it is possible to get out of the foreclosure by giving the property back to the lender. When agreeable to the mortgage holder, offering a deed in lieu of foreclosure can stop the pending foreclosure and allow you time to remove your belongings from the home. There are documents that require your signature to effectuate the transfer of title back to the lender, and having an experienced debt relief attorney help you will ensure that your rights are protected during the process.

While signing a deed in lieu of foreclosure to stop a case against you will in fact stop the case, there are things you need to know, and possible consequences. These include:


● Getting your lender to agree to the process may prove difficult, and is a time consuming process. Allowing an experienced attorney to take on this task for you not only shortens the time frame for approval, but also takes the burden and stress off you.

● You may have a tax liability for the property even if you give a deed to the lender removing yourself from the title and paving the way for the lender to remarket the property.

● Your credit score will note the deed in lieu, and the impact is not any less significant than the notation of a foreclosure.

With these possible consequences you may wonder why attempt the deed in lieu process. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that when negotiated properly, the lender will agree to waive the right to collect any deficiency remaining after the property is resold. This can result in huge savings and ensure you do not face a collections lawsuit after the fact. Getting to this point takes careful analysis and bartering with the lender. Let our office help you by exchanging information with the lender on your behalf.

If you are considering executing a deed in lieu of foreclosure, call a knowledgeable attorney to discuss your options and make sure this solution is right for you. We can help you understand your choices and make a decision that meets your needs. Call a Plantation, Florida debt relief attorney today for more information.

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