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What Is Your “Debt Personality”?

Have you ever noticed how some people are more cheerful than others, or how there always seems to be that one person at work who keeps to themselves? Your personality type depends on what interests you, what activities you enjoy in your spare time, what type of people you feel most comfortable around, and a host of other characteristics that make you unique. People come in all shapes and sizes, as well as with all types of personalities. And, most people exhibit personality traits depending on the issue. For instance, your views on romance will vary from your views on what type of vacation to take. The same can be said for how you feel about debt, and your “debt personality” can determine the choices you make in not only incurring debt but also in how you become debt free.

An interesting article from Business Insider hints that the way you pay off your debt depends on your personality. The article highlights include:

  • People who tend to be savers will feel more comfortable with the avalanche method of debt repayment. This method requires paying off the highest interest rate debt first, and then taking the money that would normally be applied to that debt to the next highest rate debt. The avalanche method also allows the debtor to save, by making only the minimum payment on the lower rate debts while focusing on the debt with the highest rate.
  • People who like to track their results, and get a sense of personal satisfaction by seeing results quickly tend to use the snowball method of debt repayment. This method calls for paying off the smallest balance first, regardless of the interest rate. For some, seeing a balance of zero gives them the psychological and emotional boost needed to stay on track of their debt repayment plans.
  • Using a combination of repayment methods is used by people who tend to have personalities that value both saving, and fast results.

Who knew your personality might play a role in how you decide to pay off debt? A quick read of the above shows that who you can touch nearly every aspect of your life. If you are experiencing financial difficulty and need help determining what works best for you, we can help.


If you have questions about debt and debt management, call a knowledgeable attorney to discuss your options. We can help you understand your choices and make a decision that works for you. Call a Plantation, Florida debt relief attorney today for more information.



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