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Will The Utility Company Turn Off My Heat If I File Bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy there are a lot of changes to your life. For instance, if your case is one where you are surrendering a lot of property back to lenders, you might find yourself looking for a new means of transportation and perhaps even a new place to live. Another example of change that you might expect is in how often you eat out, when and where you take vacations, and whether you are able to keep “luxuries” such as satellite radio or TV and your current cell phone plan. But at a more basic level, it is essential to find ways to maintain a respectable standard of living that includes being able to put food on the table and keep the lights on in your home. These basics are things that most people take for granted, but if bankruptcy enters the equation it becomes necessary to figure out whether filing bankruptcy will have an impact on these daily necessities.

If you are worried about what filing bankruptcy will mean as far as keeping your heat on, or being able to have a phone line open, here are some things you should know:

  • Bills you pay for ongoing expenses such as your auto insurance, phone, and heat and air are not changed. You are entitled to keep these services, and the provider is not permitted to turn them off just because you file for bankruptcy.
  • If you owe for past due services, you should make arrangements to get current even while you are in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not an opportunity for your creditors to deny you certain basic necessities. And, while it is true that you may have to give up some pieces of your personal property, you will not be made to forego maintaining the basic comforts of daily life. If you are experiencing difficulty paying your bills as they become due, call our office to learn your options. We will work with you to develop solutions that are within your budget and fit your lifestyle.


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